Portland Meadows Security

05/13/2018- I wrestled Legacy Moro in a World Power Wrestling ring for the Sabroso Taco Fest at Portland Meadows in Portland, OR.

Portland Meadows is a dope venue, but it has the wackest security.

Security guard guarding the ring in the morning tried to stop me from getting in the ring to warm up. I had to show him my badge. I noticed he didn’t think twice about any of the LUCHADORS getting in the ring. Hmmmmmm, I wonder why that could be? Hmmmmmmm. None of us were in gimmick.

Then, after the last match had gone on and The Offspring took the stage, I walked past the ring to see little children running around in the canvas and climbing the turnbuckle! Judging by the way they moved in the ring, none of them had any sort of training that would qualify them to set foot in there. Where was security then????

On top of that, at one point, the security guard guarding catering told me my butt looked good in the tights. Unprofessional, but I’m not mad about it.

Photo taken on my way back home from the event.

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