(TV Commercial) Rumble in the Redwoods 6

First huge thanks to Jordan Packer of Shenandoah Film and Video for this masterpiece of a commercial. Tickets are not available yet. I'm putting this on Facebook to spread the word about the premiere Pro Wrestling event here in Northwestern California. Once ticket outlets are set up which the target date is January 16th. As for Rumble in the Redwoods #6 WE ARE 87 DAYS AWAY. EVERYONE PLEASE SHARE AND SPREAD THE WORD RUMBLE IN THE REDWOODS PRO WRESTLING #6 IS COMING!!

Posted by Joe Sousa on Wednesday, January 2, 2019

🗺️ Here, There, & Everywhere

I’ve wrestled in exactly 25 cities across 3 states, and those are just the ones I can remember.

Simi Valley, CA – done that ❤️
Chatsworth, CA – done that
Merced, CA – done that
Sacramento, CA – done that
Ontario, CA – done that
Bakersfield, CA – done that and hope I never go back
Moorpark, CA – done that
Oxnard, CA – done that
Brawley, CA – done that
Santa Ana, CA – done that
Santa Maria, CA – done that
Stanton, CA – done that
Anaheim, CA – done that
Westminster, CA – done that
Ferndale, CA – done that
Eureka, CA – been doing that ❤️
Los Angeles, CA – done that
Inglewood, CA – done that
Irvine, CA – done that
Costa Mesa, CA – done that
Portland, OR – done that
Auburn, WA – done that
Bell Gardens, CA – done that
Salem, OR – done that
Milwaukie, OR – done that

I even hit Crescent City for Jack Herrer and then I came back.

Since I spent a night in the hospital and 4 months on the shelf after a nasty bump in Ferndale, I’m grateful every day that my career is active. Never take that for granted. Take your career one bump at a time, no cocaine. It’s not a question of what’s next, but where’s next?

RocketBoy Brett & The Great Zumba vs. Olijah Friday & Bulletproof – Moorpark, CA

Pre-Show Match Bulletproof and Olijah Friday Vs The Great Zumba and Rocket Boy Brett

Posted by Martha Gonzalez on Saturday, June 2, 2018